We offer superb service and cutting-edge expertise in the following areas: project drafting and design, installation of mechanical systems, heating, cooling ventilation and exhaust systems with its supporting electrical systems, automatization as well as installation of control panels.

  • Design of HVAC installations
  • Installation of HVAC equipment
  • Maintenance

Installation of HVAC equipment

A part of our services is a full installation of HVAC equipment for all types facilities using the most modern equipment. Our professional staff provides high quality and quick installation.


Clima Trade offers assistance in choosing the best heating system for your property:

  • radiator heating,
  • floor heating,
  • solar heating,
  • as well as use of various types of heating boilers:
    • solid fuel
    • gas
    • pellets
    • electric boilers

Air conditioning

We offer air conditioning of all types of buildings whether it is about family homes, apartments, office space, hotels, restaurants, laboratories ...

Through many years of experience in sales and installation of equipment for air conditioning we provide guarantee quality installation, secured servicing and spare parts.


We have extensive experience in dealing with ventilation in various building types, and choosing energy-efficient fans and other devices.


To ensure constant functionality of all installed devices, we have our own service department, where as well our employees have continuing education for all new products. Servicing equipment supplied by YORK-JCI, is also ensured after warranty. There is also the possibility of concluding a contract for annual and seasonal maintenance services and equipment.

We are in longterm cooperation with the RC Group Company on the delivery of equipment for servers, telecom base stations, etc.

Our service department can be reached trough:
FAX: +387 33 76 14 90,