We offer complete project documentation development, from conceptual to detailed design, all in accordance with the legislation in the field of HVAC installations. Our professional team of engineers will be at your disposal in order to find the optimal solutions with respect to the use of the building, the requirements of investors, consultations with architects and designers of other installations and construction stages. Special emphasis is on saving energy and protecting the environment.

In order to fulfill all needs of our clients we are in possession of the certificate for the gas and HVAC design, issued by Federal Ministry of Environment of Federation BiH, and certificate for HVAC design issued by the Ministry of Environment, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska.

Our office for HVAC design employs six BSc. mechanical engineers, five of which are authorized professionals for mechanical installation systems. During the design process, a special accent is set to the use of new technologies and standards, and choice of the optimal energy source (basic and alternative one).